Average delivery time: 2-5 working days. We usually ship our orders on Thursdays or Fridays. Is your order in a hurry? Please contact us, sometimes our agenda allows an extra shipping time.

The face behind..

Let me introduce myself: I am Pluutje, the owner of this webshop. With the help of my friend (who takes care of the technical side of this shop) I have this webshop set up.

You may know me from the bondage website www.ropes.tk. Or from the BDSM-Next forum and parties, where I was one of the founders of ben. If you don't know me yet, nice to meet you!

Why Niet Lief?

There are quite a lot in the Netherlands (web)shops that sell BDSM stuff. Why another one? A number of reasons why Niet Lief is different from others:

Good value for money - Do a search, and you'll see that Niet Lief has you covered for a lot of products to pay a lower price than in other (web) shops. This does not mean that all our products are dirt cheap: but if there is a slightly higher amount on the price tag with us, then it is the quality you pay for: not the brand name or the pretty lady in the picture.

Original products - A few of the basic products come with the standard from wholesalers. But most products don't. Niet Lief strives to have a collection with many products that you you will not find anywhere else in the Netherlands. I do this with less well-known wholesalers abroad. I also make one part of the collection myself.

Good service - Of course I want to earn money with Niet Lief. But I also like it most of all to engage in Niet Lief. You'll notice that when you get to Niet Lief orders. You can always ask questions, special wishes, and if you miss something in the range I am always willing to see if I can find a certain product somewhere for you.

Niet Lief Agenda (pick up your order without shipping costs!)

- You can pick up your order in The Hague by appointment. There is also the option here to try on (fetish) clothes.

- Also at BDSMNext parties you can pick up your order. Please pay in advance or bring the payment in cash. This is to avoid hassle with change.

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